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Tenimyu Slash
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Welcome to tenimyu_slash, the community devoted to the Prince of Tennis Musicals, the wonderful actors participating in them, and the many and varied relationships between those actors.

This is not just a fic community, this is not just a fanart community. This is not even just a fanwork community. It's a slash comm focused on the talented guys putting their hearts and souls into these shows, so anything meant to support them, whether it be through some form of fanwork, or a bit of meta expounding on who's been seen hanging out with whom lately, or organizing a project of any sort, it's welcome here! We're all here because we love these guys and their relationships with each other--friendships, rivalries, and more.

This community is, it goes without saying, yaoi friendly, meaning you will find in boatloads boys doing naughty things with other boys. All pairings, no matter how cracked out or canon they may seem, are welcome here. We also welcome the participation in any way, shape, or form of other actors involved in the Tokyo theatre scene, be they fellow D-boys, actors from the Rock Musical Bleach musicals, or just friends from other shows. As long as there's at least one TeniMyu boy involved, it belongs here!

Please enjoy your stay, and feel free to direct any questions you may have to one of your friendly neighborhood mods by Private Message.

  1. Please be respectful of your fellow members. We do not tolerate pairing bashing (or putting down of other members who choose not to see any relationship beyond friendship at all). If you've a problem with a pairing here, the proper place to air your discontent is on your personal journals. Concrit on fanworks is more than welcome, but remember to keep it just that: constructive. There is zero tolerance for arguments or comments that disrupt the peaceful and loving flow of this community. Debates are welcome, but they need to stay on friendly terms.

  2. Refrain from off-topic posting. What's off-topic? Well, this is a slash community for TeniMyu boys--so try and keep everything...well, related to the guys! In a somewhat slashy context! This isn't the place to post news on the next TeniMyu, but it is an appropriate forum to slap up your latest batch of screencaps from your favorite Myu wherein your favorite pair got some kickass scenes, on stage and off! Also, while we certainly don't mind non-TeniMyu boys sneaking their way into posts, please try and keep it focused on the TeniMyu aspect. There are plenty of other comms to post D-Boys and BuriMyu news, so think twice before posting something exclusively related to those fandoms.

  3. Do not post tests, memes, chain letters, or anything of that nature. That's what your personal journal is for, guys! Everyone loves taking the quizzes and such where you can find out who from Rokkaku-chu you're going to marry and have dozens of babies with, but this isn't the place to post it. Memes as well (though we do make exceptions for certain memes such as friending memes, kink memes, etc. Anonymous meme promoting is not allowed. Please consult a mod if you're unsure.)

  4. All adult material (18+) must be placed under an LJ-cut, and also friends locked per Livejournal's Terms of Service. There is no minimum age requirement for this comm, but it has been designated a comm which contains adult material, so please be respectful of that. This applies to all fanworks (fics, fanart, doujinshi, etc.)

  5. Friends-lock all media posts. This includes pictures, scans, audio files, videos, and downloads of any sort. Better safe than sorry, right? Let's keep this a safe place for sharing slashy TeniMyu media.

  6. Please use the proper Posting Format when submitting fanworks. Details on this are available in the section below. Please stick to them as closely as possible to make it easier for everyone to sift through entries.

    Failure to comply with these listed rules may result in deletion of posts and/or banning from the community.
Fic & Art Posting Format

For anyone looking to post their fanworks, please fill out the following template and place it before you make your lj-cut.

Permalink: (optional - check out our fic archive at ChickLit)
Warnings/Rating: See below.
Notes: (optional)

Please be sure to label your warnings clearly!

Worksafe: Chaste kisses, light touching, snuggling, etc.
Not worksafe: Nudity, sexual activity, foul language, etc.
Additional warnings: BDSM, rape, original character, character death, etc.

Useful Links

LJ Communities:

tenipuri_myu - for all general TeniMyu news, announcements, and discussion, without this comm we wouldn't be here!
burimyu - sister comm of the above TeniMyu comm, this comm revolves around keeping the foreign community updated on recent goings-on regarding Rock Musical Bleach
tutixnagayan - the oldest and biggest pairing-based community out there, this comm is devoted to any and all activities and news regarding 1st cast Seigaku's Golden Pair, Tsuchiya "Tuti" Yuuichi and Nagayama "Nagayan" Takashi.
ryomacest - community devoted to supporting a relationship between Endou Yuuya and Yanagi Koutarou, the first two Ryoma actors.
pnish - community to keep abreast of all the goings-on involving the 4-man theatre troupe *pnish* featuring 1st cast Seigaku actors Tsuchiya Yuuichi and Moriyama Eiji.

Blog translations:

oh_tuti - *pnish*, Nagayama Takashi, Miyano Mamoru, Saitou Takumi


ChickLit - fanfic archive housing tons of fics from the TeniMyu, BuriMyu, and *pnish* fandoms

Any additional link suggestions are welcome!

Credit for the lovely community layout goes to grrliz @ thefulcrum with header/footer and modifications by fencer_x

Neither the owners, nor the content of this community are in any way affliated with the TeniMyu actors, their respective managers or companies.