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Title: You Home Already?
Rating: G
Summary: Ikko is tired and so is Taito. Ikko's place is closer to Taito's working place so he crashes over.
A/N: Friendship fic! I watched Supporter's DVD Vol. 14th yesterday and when Taito delivered his thank you-mini speech for Ikko, I had to write this. Unbeta-ed so all mistakes are mine.

You home already?Collapse )
5th-Jul-2010 04:42 pm - [fic] Rehab and Donuts
Title: Rehab and Donuts
Author: fencer_x
Rating: PG-13 :3
Pairing: Tsujimoto Yuuki x Takasaki Shouta
Summary: Tsujimoto goes to visit Shouta in the hospital.
Notes: I started writing this before I knew wtf was wrong with Shouta XD; But thankfully it wasn't difficult at all to rework it to actually be somewhat relevant, so...enjoy! :3

Still, a hospital visit merited a floral arrangement, and that's all there was to it.Collapse )
26th-May-2010 02:05 pm - [fic] Betting Against the House
Title: Betting Against the House
Author: fencer_x
Rating: PG-13 for potty language~
Pairings: Tsuchiya Yuuichi/Nagayama Takashi, Tsujimoto Yuuki/Takasaki Shouta
Summary: Shouta and Nagayan chat, and Tsujimoto wins a bet.
Notes: I have a couple fics here I've been putting off until DL7th was over, but I'm finally finishing them. It's really insane how close Shouta and Nagayan got during this show (when I would've expected Tsujimoto and Tuti to be closer, since they've worked together in a *pnish* performance before), but very very adorable :)

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24th-Apr-2010 04:09 pm - fic: Pictures, PG13
Title: Pictures
Rating: PG13 (mentiones jerking off)
Summary: Nagayan takes pictures of Tuti and they need to hurry so they won't be late for dinner.
A/N: Inspired by this post

He glared at Nagayan.Collapse )
Title: Working
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Summary: A small ficlet where Shouta and Tsuji wonder how to be happy and bright in Final Rikkai Second.
A/N: Inspired by fencer_x's post here. I haven't seen the show myself yet.

Under hereCollapse )
Death frisbee
27th-Mar-2010 11:19 pm - [Songfic] You Belong with Me
Title: You Belong with Me
Author: mido_ban04
Pairing: Uehara/Satou
Summary: After hearing a certain song (Taylor Swift’s ‘You Belong with Me’), Uehara gets a realization towards a fellow Shitenhouji actor.

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TakixKime, ShiroxAi
I just came by to update you guys about these two fanfics of ours. 

We're uploading the rest of the chapters to Fanfiction.net for easier access. 

Anything for You

Mitsukaru High
Since my last update to this community, the new chapters as of this publish is Chapter 16 of AfY and Chapters 11 & 12 of Mitsukaru High.

Thank you all for the continued support and we still hope for reviews and comments. ^___^v
TakixKime, ShiroxAi
12th-Jan-2010 10:42 pm - [fic] Mitsukaru High - Ch 10
Title: Mitsukaru High
Author/Artist: mido_ban04 and tennis_dudez
Link: Winglicans Thread
Warnings/Rating:T (Suitable for teens, 13 years and older, with some violence, minor coarse language, and minor suggestive adult themes)
Series/Pairing(s): TeniMyu; Mainly Takigawa Eiji x Kimeru & Shirota Yuu x Aiba Hiroki
Notes: Our second forum roleplay revolving around the two couples that we did over at Winglicans.

An alternative universe type of fanfiction, my partner and I take you to how the two couples began during their days in Senior High, with Takigawa and Kimeru in their 2nd year, and Shirota and Aiba in their 1st. This fanfiction will run from that setting until Shirota and Aiba’s graduation from Senior High two years later. Most of the information here are either altered, made-up or real altogether. For clarifications on such information, feel free to contact me through Y!M (snoopeRJ_04).

Hints of other pairings shall also be introduced, therefore expect to be seeing other members of the TeniMyu cast to show up in this Mitsukaru Senior High setting. This is meant to serve as a prequel to our fanfiction ’Anything for You’.

As my partner seems to be having problems with posting, I shall also be posting the chapters of this prequel. This is an edited version of our roleplay over at the forum (or rather, a cleaner and grammatically correct version), open to reviews and such from fellow TeniMyu Slash fans. :D

Here is the 10th chapter entitled The Buddy Auction. This chapter focuses on the fund-raising project initiated by the Student Council for a Buddy Auction, auctioning off the top ten most popular students of the Senior High to the other students and get them have them for a buddy the whole week.

We see a slight development between Takigawa and Kimeru in this chapter with the exchanges amongst the band club about Kimeru and when Takigawa manages to get a sprain during basketball practice that Kimeru tries to expose it when the Student Council Vice President passes it off as nothing serious.

**ALSO! None of the authors of this roleplay/fanfic own TeniMyu or the actors, but are mere fangirls of the musical series and corresponding actors we write about. Everything that progresses in the story is the creation of our witty imaginations.

Chapter 10: The Buddy AuctionCollapse )

We look forward to your reviews and possible suggestions. :)
TakixKime, ShiroxAi
18th-Dec-2009 02:05 pm - [fic] Sashiire
Title: Sashiire
Author: fencer_x
Pairing: Tsujimoto/Takasaki
Rating: PG
Summary: Tsujimoto can't make Baba's party; Shouta's not impressed. A compromise must be reached. 'Sashiire' simply is some kind of refreshment brought to a rehearsal hall or theater for the staff and cast to enjoy, usually by a friend of the cast or former staff/cast member.

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